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1/4/2019 by 
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Importance of Tooth Replacement

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that you’re missing some teeth in the back of your mouth? Or maybe you had an accident and never got to replacing your missing teeth because, “who has the time?”

Well, in that case, you’re one of the many who decide to leave their missing teeth to remain as gaps. However, this can result in serious long-term consequences. In order to avoid that, it’s important to go for a tooth replacement surgery since it can bring significant changes to not only your smile but it also has tremendous effects on your overall health as well. Many people still fail to understand the importance of tooth replacement, and if you’re amongst those people, then this is the perfect post for you. This post will shine light on just why tooth replacement may be necessary for you.  

Key points you need to know

When it comes to tooth replacement, understanding it’s importance is a necessity. Here are some scenarios where it becomes necessary for you to get a tooth replacement:

Reason #1: Crooked smile

Have you noticed how people with missing teeth often tend to have crooked smiles? This is often a result of misaligned teeth, which is caused because of the gaps between the teeth. When a tooth is knocked out, or removed from the sockets in the jawbone, the remaining teeth lose their support and can easily wiggle. This causes a chain reaction and eventually the teeth becomes misaligned, resulting in the formation of a very crooked smile. Remember, once one tooth gets knocked out, the rest may follow suit because of the lack of strength of your jawbone.

Reason #2: Jaw bone deterioration

When you lose teeth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate with time, thereby significantly bringing about a change in your facial features. Once that happens, it can also significantly change your smile, making it less-brighter. .

Reason #3: Lack of food and change in speech

With missing teeth, you are not able to eat properly, which means you can become severely malnourished and this will impact your overall health. Additionally, misaligned teeth also affect your speech, making it harder for others to understand you. This can be quite stressful and you might eventually have problems formulating sentences.

By not opting for teeth replacement, you’re not only denying yourself the proper oral hygiene, you’re also putting mental and physical health at risk sas well. If you ever decide to opt for teeth replacement, always make sure you contact a professional dentist. If not, you will end up facing more problems than fixing the already existent ones.